Jul, 2024
Jul, 2024

Things to do in Rome

Top-Rated Attractions in Rome

Our Suggestions for the Best Things to Do in Rome

Rome is the best city for walking, so put on a comfortable pair of shoes and start wandering. It’s easy to get lost in Rome’s lanes and neighborhoods—all of which are within seconds from Hotel Monte Cenci.

If you are only in Rome for a limited amount of time, we suggest you join a tour, which will save you time and provide the best opportunity to learn as much as possible without any effort. Rely on a professional guide, who will reveal all of the hidden secrets of the Eternal City.

The location of our boutique hotel make for the best starting point for all Roman attractions and the Monte Cenci Concierge will be pleased to suggest available tour options.

Colosseum & Roman Forum

Take the opportunity to visit inside the Colosseum, also known as Flavian Amphitheater. The largest amphitheater ever built, it was used for public spectacles and gladiator contests.

Discover Vatican City

Inside the Vatican Museums, you can admire the best paintings, sculptures and works of art collected by the Popes throughout the centuries.

Ghetto, Trastevere and Tiber Island

After you have seen the most famous monuments of Rome, explore the lanes of the historic center right around our hotel—most tourists do not even know they exist.

Mini Cooper Tour in Rome

Let us drive you through the historical heritage of our beautiful city in a Mini Cooper!